About Ray

With over 20 years of experience in higher education, Dr. Ray Lutzky is a seasoned leader who expands the reach of the world’s most innovative universities. 
Ray leverages his expertise in digital audience strategy, social media marketing, enrollment outreach, and public relations to create and execute effective enrollment growth strategies.

Thought Leadership

Ray’s thought leadership encompasses enrollment management, education technology, student recruitment and more from his work over the last two decades.

Listen to his podcast interviews, view selected articles, and read his published works.

“Mastering the Next”

A Cutting Edge Podcast at the Intersection of Graduate Education and Technology

The technology trends in graduate education are always changing…have you ever wondered “what’s next?” Listen to Ray’s podcast and find out!

Ray’s Online Courses

Launch your career in user experience design and acquire valuable skills through on-demand online courses.

University Teaching

Ray has more than a decade of experience teaching undergraduate and graduate students at universities across the United States.