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Higher Education

Education in the Workforce: Why Schools Need Corporate Partnerships

Enrollify / Element451 Podcast (2022)

Master’s vs. MBA? 3 Key Factors

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Should You Go To Grad School? 5 Questions for Working Professionals

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Beyond the “Terminal Degree:” 4 Reasons to Go Back to Graduate School (& Why I Did)

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Online Education in the New Normal: Three Insights for Graduate Enrollment Managers

Perspectives Magazine – NAGAP, the Association for Graduate Enrollment Management (2020)

Is it Time to Leave Higher Education? What Enrollment Managers Need to Know Before Switching Careers

Enrollify Podcast  (2020)

Graduate Merit Scholarships and How They Work

Perspectives Magazine – NAGAP, the Association for Graduate Enrollment Management (2019)

Marketing Automation Instills Confidence and Efficiency for a New Graduate School

element451 (2019)

Innovative Education in NYC: All About Cornell Tech 

Accepted Podcast (2018)

More Mobility, More Competition 

NAFSA International Educator (2017)

New Open Doors: Bracing for Changes to International Students Flows

World Education News & Reviews (2017)

What We Know, Don’t Know, and Need To Know About Recruiting Adult, Part-Time, Non-Traditional, and Graduate Students

Conference on Adult Learner Enrollment Management (2017)

Student Recruitment in India: Opportunities and Challenges in Tier II Cities

World Education News & Reviews (2017)

How to Negotiate Effective, Pervasive, and Sustainable Global Agreements

Association of International Education Administrators (2017)

American Higher Education Becomes More Attractive To International Students And Global Talent

Forbes Magazine (2016)

Recruiting International Students into Master’s Programs

World Education Services (2016)

STEM and the Graduate School Difference

Science and Engineering Colleges and Universities (2016)

4 Differences Between Graduate and Undergrad STEM Programs

CollegeXpress (2015)

Diversifying International Recruitment

NAFSA International Educator (2015)

Working with International Agents: A Guide to Best Practices

NAGAP, the Association for Graduate Enrollment Management (2015)

Lessons from the Field: Optimizing International Graduate Recruitment with Student Segmentation

World Education News & Reviews (2014)

Academic Research

Diversifying STEAM: Culturally Situated Drawing for Math Education with African-American Youth

Rensselaer Doctoral Dissertation (2014)

African Fractals and Culturally Situated Design Tools: Mathematics Education Through Self-Empowering Technology

Critical Interventions (2014)

Heuristics for broader assessment of effectiveness and usability in technology-mediated technical communication

Technical Communication (2013)

Elocution and Feminine Power in the First Quarter of the Twentieth Century: The Career of Carolyn Winkler (Paterson) as Performer and Teacher

Rhetoric Review (2011)